What are the benefits of sit stand desks

Benefits of sit stand desks
What are the benefits of sit stand desks

Are you experiencing neck and back pain from sitting at your job and in your chair for too long each day? Then you may be interested in learning more about what your options are to get and stay more active at work and hopefully even improve your health. 

The reality is that sitting for extended periods is quite harmful to your health, and some even believe that it is as harmful to you as smoking. In this case, you may want to make a change to your daily work routine. Here we’ll explore more about what are the benefits of sit stand desks and why these standing desk benefits should matter to you.

Is it Unhealthy to Sit All Day?

The shower answer is, yes, sitting all day and for long periods is bad for your health. A sedentary lifestyle combined with poor posture can lead to an array of negative health issues and consequences. For example, you may be putting yourself more at risk for developing chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes and be more prone to obesity. 

According to Health & Wellbeing Training Consultants, It is estimated that the Australian population spends 80% of their working hours seated. Most Australian adults sit for 8 to 10 hours per day. The good news is that you can help combat the negatives of sitting by getting more active by using a sit stand desk while you work. Boost your health and productivity or your employee’s health and productivity by investing in sit stand desks. You might think twice about sitting all day at work when you review all the different standing desk benefits. 

Aids in Weight Loss

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to you being overweight and even obese. Sitting for long periods only hinders your activity levels and works against you as you try to maintain a healthy weight. Stay on your feet and reap the health benefits of forcing your body to keep active instead of sitting. It’ll aid you in your journey to losing weight, or at least not gaining more weight due to sitting all day at work. 

Can Lower Your Risk of Diabetes & Heart Disease

Another benefit of sit stand desks is that they can lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease. There was a study conducted in the UK that discovered this link between sitting more and developing diabetes, for example. Even if you exercise daily, sitting at your desk all day can negatively impact you and your health. Try to avoid this outcome by investing in a standing desk.

Many studies have been able to link a sedentary lifestyle to having a greater risk of heart disease too. Stay active and get your metabolism going by choosing to use a standing desk at work. It will also promote good blood flow and help with lowering cholesterol.

Allows You to Stay Active

Standing desks will allow you to stay active during the day. Not only may you be sitting in your chair at the office all day but you might also be too busy to fit in regular vigorous exercise daily. This can be a dangerous and unhealthy combination for you so ideally, you should consider a sit stand desk. Choose to use a standing desk, fit in daily exercise, and work in some stretches and breaks during the day to be and stay well. 

Boosts Your Wellbeing

This is one of the most important benefits of a sit stand desk but many people aren’t aware of it. Yes, sit stand desks are known to boost and promote wellbeing. You’ll feel more energised and will have good blood flow so you can perform better at work and feel happy. The better you feel, the more productive you’ll be, and the more likely it is that you can advance in your job and career. 

Increases Productivity 

Divide your time up between sitting and standing at work, which can increase your productivity as well. Studies have shown this time and time again and that it’s likely due to increasing endorphin levels and blood flow as well as experiencing fewer aches and pains. You’ll have more energy to give which can also help you boost your performance. 

Can Reduce Back Pain

You may be someone who will greatly enjoy the benefit of reducing back pain by using a sit stand desk. Poor posture can lead to discomfort and back pain which can then lead to you missing more days of work. Give your muscles a break by changing positions often and going from sitting to standing when you feel the pain coming on. Standing can also help you build stronger core muscles, which will lead to less back pain overall. Avoid developing bad posture in the first place by choosing to get and use a standing desk at work. 

Can Help You Live Longer 

If you’re interested in living longer, then a sit stand desk might be the way to go for you. Live a long, productive, and healthy life by maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding developing other health issues. Make healthy choices daily and live a healthy and less sedentary lifestyle for the best results. For example, those with type 2 diabetes are known to have a shorter life expectancy so it’s important to take good care of yourself and stay active. 


Increase and decrease sitting time at work as it feels right and comfortable for you. Any time standing during the day will help you stay active and boost your health and wellbeing. Be sure to take the time to adjust the height of the standing desk to the right level and then gradually work up to longer periods of standing throughout the workday. 

Sitting can negatively impact your health so it’s in your best interest to take breaks, stretch and walk around, and choose to stand periodically at your computer. A standing desk is a cost-effective and wise way to improve your health, wellbeing, and boost your overall productivity. Be glad to know we have a variety of standing desks to choose from depending on your needs and preferences.

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