Premium Under Desk Drawer

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Product Overview

The Deskup Space-Saving Under-Desk Drawer: Maximise space with our under-desk design, provides easy installation and placement anywhere under your desk.

  • Total Size 513d x 311w x 180h (mm)
  • Weight: 5.05kg
  • Maximise space with its under-desk design.
  • Easy installation without complex tools.
  • Convenient accessibility with smooth-sliding mechanism.
  • Anti slip EVA foam liner prevents slipping and vibration.
  • Streamlined design adds functionality and style to your workspace.

Convenient accessibility with smooth-sliding mechanism, versatile storage for various items, and a streamlined design that adds functionality and style to your workspace.

These drawers are perfect for our sit stand desks as they move up and down with your desk and are lightweight in design.